Essay On Importance Of House

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Shelter is one of the basic needs of human existence. It protects us from the vagaries of nature, from threats, natural or otherwise. A house provides a sense of security and wellbeing, along with an economic standing in society. A house is not only a mere physical structure but also a symbol of power, authority and a host of other things that come along with it. If we look around, a house is no longer treated as something that is a shelter but has metamorphosed into a symbol of economic prosperity, a vulgar display of wealth and a classist expression. Yet, a large number of our citizens still find it difficult to collect the resources needed to construct a decent house that can ensure that a car does not run over them when they are sleeping in the night.…show more content…
2). Housing ensures adequate privacy to a family, a place where they can discuss matters without the fear of being overheard or offending anyone. It gives privacy to a couple to be intimate and express themselves completely. A permanent structure also ensures that there is certainty in where a family lives. This has far reaching impacts not only on the elders of the family, but much more on the children, who can now go to school more regularly as a result of secured living. A house also facilitates the holistic development of children because it provides a stable environment, one in which a child can explore himself/herself completely and express one’s feeling freely. This also facilitates the natural character building process of a child as a result of a favourable
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