Essay On Importance Of Indigenous Cultures

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The world is very admiring with its internationality. The different cultures and traditions. In this essay I am going to convey the meaning on why it is so important to preserve the indigenous cultures. An important thing to note is that the generations before us preserved the indigenous and natural cultures for us, so we should do the same for the many decades to come. One of the many reasons why we need to appreciate the indigenous cultures is that they link us to the past. Through the indigenous cultures we are able to learn the different and unique lifestyle that they live through every day. They show us how we have progressed throughout time and they give us a trace of how life was during the time of our ancestors. We also get to appreciate the knowledge that the indigenous cultures have because they have their own ways of working through daily tasks without relying on any special type of equipment which have become a regular routine for us.…show more content…
We have the proper equipment and knowledge to develop completely different tools from when our ancestors were living and without the indigenous cultures there would be no evidence of that. That’s just the beginning. Also disappearing with the language is the art, the traditions, the customs, and the unique lifestyle of the indigenous cultures. Anthropologists and linguists say that every two weeks a unique language disappears with its last surviving speaker. As we were developing in the 21st century, about half of the world's 7,000 human languages were not being spoken or taught to the younger generation. Can you envision this occurring to your native language and

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