Essay On The Importance Of Infection Control

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‘The importance of infection control’
Infections can be caused by exposure to different types of bacteria, viruses and germs that we are exposed to in everyday life. The reason behind the importance of infection control is that infections can be very harmful to out animal patients and ourselves. There are many ill patients in a veterinary practice meaning their immune systems are not strong enough to fight off the micro-organisms that may cause infection therefore making their condition worse making infection control very important. It is crucial to maintain infection control so the health of patients and ourselves is not compromised.

‘Why you should use personal protective equipment’
Personal protective equipment also known as PPE is clothing
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1. Non-hazardous waste
• Domestic waste- unsoiled newspaper, wrappers or general waste. Disposed of in black bags.
• Pharmaceuticals- (not including chemotherapy drugs) Out of date drugs, syringes and contaminated bottles are disposed of in a blue container.
• Offensive waste- not hazardous but unpleasant, includes soiled bedding and waste, it is disposed of in a yellow bag with a black stripe.
• Cadavers- these are animal bodies not carrying any notifiable diseases, they are kept in a freezer until collected by the owner or they are being cremated.
2. Hazardous waste
• Cytotoxic and cytostatic pharmaceuticals- Chemotherapy drugs that are disposed of in yellow and purple containers.
• Contaminated sharps- needles and scalpels that carry a risk of infection, they are disposed of in a yellow sharps container.
• Infectious clinical waste- waste containing micro-organisms that can infect people or animals, this includes swabs, gloves, body parts and infectious material. They are disposed of in yellow containers.
• Photographic chemicals- X-ray chemical solutions that are disposed of in leak proof

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