Essay On Importance Of Information Literacy

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Introduction Information is something that can be known with the connected to both knowledge and communication. It was consist for everything from spoken words, written communication, sheets of music, photographs and paintings, to computer codes and scientific formula. Information must have in context from which people can understand about the information.. It must have a connected for that word to giving it meaning who the information comes from many sources. Many people are surrounded by information which is on newspapers, billboards, internet, television, radio, the surroundings and people. Information also can be discovered and created. Researchers who want to find something that needed, it should to create new information when to research anything…show more content…
Importance of Information Literacy Information literacy is important for all people or learners todays, because it was telling about problem solving approaches and creative thinking skills when asking what the questions and seeking the true answer and solution, finding information, contribute about their opinions, evaluating sources and making decisions fostering successful learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens. People nowadays, need to conclude and identify what is true and relevant not just for school, higher education, academic environment but it also for learning, life and work. Information literacy skills have been around for quite some time in different guises and several frameworks and definitions have been produced both nationally and
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