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Infrastructure is any man-made structure built to make human life easier. This includes sewers, water and power lines, buildings and facilities. It builds a physical image of an economy of a certain place. It is an investment for the improvement of the economy. Infrastructure is essential to a nation for it can provide quality education, health care and protection, transportation, more resources, easier travelling, trades, business. It could also connect peoples, support communities, generate job. Infrastructure could support these making it able to boost an economy with ease. Educational facilities, hospitals and also military installations are examples of infrastructure. So does roads, railroads, airports, and ports which then supports local and international travel. With infrastructure that supports transportation, trades are also possible with local and…show more content…
It would also make local businesses grow and expand. Infrastructure comes with innovation since it is a cause of the increasing number of infrastructure built as the time progresses. Infrastructures come in different types and functions but it is mainly to help build a nation. It acts as the framework in a community. It could support almost everything in the community from its citizen’s basic living needs to boosting its economy. It bring convenience to human life. Innovation is the process of improving the quality of an equipment, material, or infrastructure. It also represents the development of a certain area. A well-developed area is innovated in terms of infrastructures and man-power. Philippines have reached a milestone in developing the country. It is one of the countries in East Asia who achieved a title of “fast growing economy” in the year 2017. It is undeniable that Philippines have developed a lot throughout the

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