Essay On Importance Of International Language

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Nowadays we are living in the age of globalization and as a result anything produced or invented in any part of the world gets global character very rapidly.To keep pace with globalization it is very much essential to learn the global language English.Conversely,the globalizing process require single language for international communication. A vast majority of non-native English learners study a wide variety of school subjects using a language that is not their mother tongue. “Academic language proficiency is knowing and being able to use general and content-specific vocabulary, specialized or complex grammatical structures — all for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge and skills, interacting about a topic, or imparting information to others,” (Bailey, 2007). How far it is beneficial in the academic side of a non-native English student? Lets have a look on the merits and…show more content…
(Zeeshan Naved,

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