Essay On Importance Of Internet On English Language

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Abstract: the Internet has become the main source of information because it is free and easily accessible to everyone nowadays. This research paper introduces how the internet increases the ability to learn English. The aim of this paper is to show the ways internet improves the English language by different tools that are suitable for beginners, intermediates or advanced levels. It emphasizes the positive advantages of the internet. Without the invention of the internet, learning English could have been a much difficult experience. Introduction: Background of the study: Learning foreign languages is as old as history but teaching languages has officially started in the 17th century with the teaching of Latin in European schools (Wikipedia). There are many usages of learning languages such as tourism, international relations, technology, and trade. Learning a language in the era of technology and internet connection has become easier than it used to be. People nowadays don’t need to go to language…show more content…
There are many native English teachers who teach English through YouTube videos which is very beneficial to listen to correct pronunciations from teachers whose first language is English. They explain English grammar, introduce new vocabularies, and answer people's questions regarding the language. Another way that Internet can be helpful in learning English is via free applications that teaches English. According to Luis von Ahn, founder of the free language learning app "There are more people actively learning a language through DuoLingo than in the entire US public school system," There are more than 300 million person who downloaded the app. The application simplifies learning a language. In addition, teaching English using visuals and audios from the internet is a great way to make the process of learning interesting and less boring. Visuals can help students memorize vocabularies.( Codrea-Rado
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