Essay On Importance Of Land In The Philippines

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The 21st century has dawned with the world facing global issues of climate change, critical food and fuel shortages, depleted and disaster-affected natural resources, and economic crises (particularly in North America and Europe). The Philippines is all too familiar with this situation as the country continues to fight poverty by developing and implementing policies to build prosperity for the greatest number of Filipinos… and sustain gains in 6.7% economic growth. (Adapted from LAMP2, Land Sector Development Framework. 2030 Vision for the Land Sector in the Philippines). Against this context and more, write an integrative research paper, analyzing and weaving through all the major components below: 1) Importance of Land, Land Laws and Land Use Planning: your synthesis and analysis of the basic concepts, theories, approaches and practical applications of land, land laws and land use planning Importance of Land Land, as defined, extends from the surface downwards to the center of the earth and extends upwards indefinitely to the skies. Land includes not only the ground or soil, but everything that is attached to earth, whether by course of nature,…show more content…
A basic understanding on the part of other members of the public is also desirable because it increases their awareness of the implications of the legal system in the Philippines as well as in any parts of the world, regarding the rights, duties, and obligations pertaining to real property. As a real estate professional whether as a broker, appraiser, or consultant, it is important to have an understanding of the rationale of the law in order to render quality service to clients. As an investor, the basic knowledge of the real estate laws will protect you from financial losses caused by shady transactions or inconvenience brought about by lawsuits arising from said

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