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Role of Language in Teaching and Learning. Language is an important factor in the learning and teaching of subjects. Over the years, the effect of the medium of instruction used in teaching has been an issue of great interest. The language through which subjects are being taught is an area of increased concern especially for Mathematics educators. Language is of key importance in all human endeavors. However, not all languages and especially developed for such use. Certain languages are well developed and more conveniently used in a particular field than other languages such that no equivalent terminology may be found in another language (Ali, 2000).
A study conducted by Nenty (2003) about the effect of language on the performance of pupils in Science and Mathematics had pointed out that if a language other than the one which the child is accustomed to
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It both serves as a means to an end and an end in itself. Language provides the child with an effective tool for communication and at the same time becomes a part of a creative process that the child can enjoy artistically and gain confidence from its use. Ultimately, the language and its components become ingrained to the child’s psyche and into his daily life.
Mother Tongue–Based Instruction. In efforts to improve the quality of education in the Philippines, the Department of Education has recently implemented for the medium of instruction to be based on the learners’ mother tongue. With the issuance of DepEd Order No. 74 s, 2010, which institutionalizes Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education, the use of more than two languages as medium for instruction is now a policy which extends to the entire stretch of academic levels. This was based on the various researches done locally and internationally that support the notion that education using the learner’s first language provides noteworthy benefits on
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