Ben Johnson's Speech: The Importance Of Language

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Language occupies a significant position in human life. Everyone makes use of it, be he a beggar or a king. From birth to death, we are surrounded by it. Language is a means of communication. It is the medium by which thoughts are conveyed from one person to another. It is a means of social control. No society can function without it. Because where is a life, there is a society. Basically, it is impossible to think without language. When we think of anything, we give shape to our thinking with the help of language.

While talking of language, it is highly indispensable to hear certain concepts. Just imagine a world without language, there will be little commendation among people except by signs and gestures. Most of the activities will cease and all teaching and learning will come to an end. The progress and upliftment of mankind will be blocked. We shall be deprived of what was the best in human civilization in the past. A person’s speech gives us some idea of his age, his education, his culture and his social background.

In the words of Ben Johnson (1572-1637), English Poet, dramatist and a conscious and deliberate artist is right when he says, “Language most shows a man: speak that I may see thee”. So, a person’s voice serves at least two functions in
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The first group consistsof those who want to use it as an instrument of communication. To the second group belong those who use English as a medium though which they can derive sustenance from the literatures of the west, especially those of England and the U.S.A; a great deal of Western literature other than that of Great Britain and North. American is available to Indians only in English. There is yet a third group of Persons, a small minority but perhaps much more important than the other group that use the English language as a medium of creative exploration and expression of their experience of

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