Essay On Importance Of Law

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Every human in a nation or society around the world is often governed by a set of rules commonly known as law. Although the rules might be different from one nation or society with another one, but it is important and necessary in regulating human’s behaviour. Law tells us what we should do and should not do. In every nation or society, there are different type forms of rules and laws. Rule is form through morality or customs while law is enforced by the state or courts. If one break the law, you need to be punished either by fine or go to prison. English law has been in existences for a very long time nearly a millennium year. Before the Norman Conquest, different area of England is governed by their own set of laws which is different with other state or area. After Noman Conquest during year 1066, William the conqueror, forms a strong central government and standardize the law and applies to all over the England. In the English legal system, we can distinguish law into two, which are public law and private law. Public law concerns about the relationship between the states and citizens. It contains of constitutional law, administrative law and criminal law. On the other hand, private law or known as the civil law concerns about the private…show more content…
Prosecution is brought by the state in the name of Crown in the criminal proceeding. Case example for criminal law is case of Smith, (R v. Smith, 2012) a new principle was set as the fear can become defence for woman by the court. In civil law, an individual sues another individual known as a plaintiff sues a defendant in the civil court, and with evidence courts is to resolve disputes. For example case Jones v. Patel, plaintiff was discriminated during at the defendant motel on the basis of his race and furthermore he suffered injury due to neglect of the defendant. However, plaintiff lawsuit was failed due to unspecific on the compensation. (Jones v. Patel,
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