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KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA MINISTRY OF HIGH EDUCATION ALBAHA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES Using Literature to Develop Secondary-School EFL Students ' Writing Skills in Alqunfadah M. A. project submitted to the department of foreign languages in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the master 's degree in Applied Linguistics Presented by Abdullah Harrab Ali Alessi 434014971 Under the supervision of Dr. Mamdooh Associate professor of linguistics Al- Baha University 1437 H/ 2016 Abstract The main aim of this paper is to investigate the importance of using literature in teaching to develop effective and creative writing skills for EFL Saudi learners. As a matter of fact , it is crucial for students to understand how a language works and how different literary texts are formed in order to get a clear view on how to write such great texts which may amaze upcoming generations. Therefore, this paper shed lights on the standard…show more content…
Writing is a productive and also a an interactive skill. It is mainly used to interact between humans through the written form to express feeling or sending messages using a human language. According to Oshima and Hogue ( 1997), people use writing to communicate and they need to practice it. In fact, writing is a complicated form of communication, and learners need to practice different skills related to writing. Also, writers need to bear in their minds the nature of their audience, specifically in terms of age and educational background to produce the most suitable forms of written materials . According to Brooks (1960), writing is more than collecting symbols together. In other words, writing is more than using grouped words, employed to send messages in written forms in order to communicate with others. Nunan (2003) goes further when he says that writing is more a mental process to for inventing ideas which writers translate into written

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