Essay On Importance Of Math In Our Life

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Since the beginning of time, math has always been a part of our lives. Through counting, recording data, and a whole lot more. It’s now something that has been made professional and incorporated in our education system. At an early age, children learn the basics of math and at every age, the math level being taught increases. The highest level of math is studied at college. Mathematics as a major is thought to only lead to a career of teaching but there are many other careers and many other reasons to study. To begin with, there are certain importance that come with majoring in math. An importance is that math applies to different subjects. ***Subjects like the physical sciences, computer science and architecture. In the physical sciences,…show more content…
Whether in the kitchen, at the bank or when travelling (“Importance of Mathematics In Our Life”) Math is used in the kitchen a lot. When cooking, people tend to incorporate math when measuring vegetables, flour, etc. When measuring flour in the sense that there are recipes whereby 312 cups of flour may be required for the recipe. The math incorporation will then be the usage of fractions. Also, creating records of day-to-day expenses requires math. Math is also used in making budgets of foods to buy. These two things require addition, subtraction, and multiplication. In the field of banking, math is used frequently. The field of banking uses a lot of addition, subtraction, percentages and probability. Banking uses math when recording the value of purchases and sales. Also, it’s used when people will have to calculate the interests for the loans they take. In calculating income tax and other taxes, math is required. This may be surprising but math is actually required when planning for a trip. Math is used when determining the price of bus tickets, food, hiring of cars, hotel fares, etc. and how much can be allocated to each need. This demonstrates that math is widely used in various aspects of life and knowing more about it will make you more
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