Mathematics In Education Essay

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Mathematics plays an important role in every society, it is seen as the underpinning of scientific and technological knowledge that is essential in economic progress of every country for Ghana is no exception. Every nation gives priority to the study of mathematics because society has realized that it refines and improves the individual’s logical thinking, enhances their reasoning ability and spatial power. It influences the individual’s personal capabilities and also contributes to the worth of a nation.
Mathematics plays a crucial role in our school curriculum, both the primary and the secondary level because it pervades literally every field of human endeavour and it has been used as one of the major requirements entry into science related programe such as computer science, medicine, engineering among many other degree courses at the tertiary level (Howson & Wilson, 1986).
Regrettably, despite mathematics being the strong thread in the fabric of school curriculum, performance of
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Various studies in Ghana and in different parts of the world have adduced numerous factors contributing to the low performance of student in mathematics. Such factors include the student’s level of readiness to learn, societal values, inadequate teaching and learning materials, misconducts in examination, lack of motivation of students by teachers and gender disparities in the mathematics performance (Bessong & Obo

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