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The Importance of Microscopes in Human Life
Microscopy is a critical part of our lives. They have helped discover many major concepts of the sciences over time- such as; the existence of microorganisms, study the structure of cells, and see the smallest parts of plants, animals, and fungi. We use the microscope till today and are mainly used to diagnose illnesses in hospitals and clinics around the globe.

Since the invention of the microscope, they have developed a variety of lenses to enlarge the smallest things. They have evolved from the simple visible light refracting lenses. From electrons to x-rays, and infrared rays- microscopes can detect the smallest structures. Scanning electron microscopes are able to resolve viruses, which are
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Malaria can be transmitted through the female Anopheles mosquito, however, any other mosquito or insect cannot transmit it. Once the mosquito bites an infected person, the person’s blood is extracted which consists of microscopic Malaria parasites. Around a week later, when the mosquito is ready for its next meal, it bites another person (who is not infected) and the Malaria parasites fuse with the mosquito’s saliva and are injected into the person that is being bitten.

The female Anopheles mosquito is not the only thing that can transmit Malaria. The Malaria parasite is present in the red blood cells of the infected person, therefore Malaria can be transmitted via organ transplants (or donations), blood transfusions (or donations of contaminated blood) or using the same needles/syringes with contaminated blood. Malaria can also be transmitted from a mother to her infant before or during delivery (congenital Malaria). However the transmission of Malaria through the female Anopheles mosquito is the most common as, the blood of the organ donor or blood donor is usually checked before both of the procedures, so the doctor would be able to recognize the Malaria parasite if it is in the blood of the

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