Significance Of Nursing Profession

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Nursing is defined as the caring for a patient which is incapacitated to do so, or nursing is an act of rendering services of care to an ill or injured person for the sole purpose of bring back to normal the health of that person. Nursing practice as a calling is very important because it takes someone who is born to care for others to actually carry out effective nursing care. Nursing profession is not an occupation which can be learnt from one day to the next and you can start practicing it. It takes courage and conviction to practice as a nurse.
Nursing practice is done to bring about health, to promote health, prevent diseases, and care for individuals and families
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Nursing care requires the implementation of nursing care plan through assessment of patients, diagnosing and planning a care that is executed using scientific approach. Nursing practice in different setting includes industrial health settings, hospitals, military based camps, cruise ships, clinics nurses also work as researchers in research institutions universities and science laboratory, nursing care is practically the same way everywhere and effective care is that of caring for the totality of man. Nursing care is not just giving of injections as some may people think, but it is assisting the patient to achieve health by dedicating time to proper assessment, evaluation of the client’s problem, drawing up a nursing care plan to effectively meet the need of the patient. It is the duty of the nurse to assist the patient in carrying out personal hygiene, oral hygiene and health educating the client on the health hazards or risk, nurses care for both the patients and relatives by providing the necessary support to family members, they are health educated on the condition of the patient and possible help they can render to assist in the care of the patient. To care properly for a patient, the nurse has to create interpersonal relationship, and be able to relate with the patient freely without any bias. The patient should be able to develop a sense of trust on the nurses to be able to verbalise their fears…show more content…
All these duties I carry out without harassing or mishandling my patients. Despite the gratitude shown by the patients and their relatives I have always reminded them that am just carrying out my duty as a nurse the best way possible.
Nursing is a critical assignment and necessity, especially caring for children, adolescents and even adult, it takes a passionate and efficient nurse to carry out his/her duties effectively. Proper nursing care is aimed at preventing illness and disease which includes health education of individual on hygiene, prenatal and post natal care, immunization during childhood, prevention of environmental hazards or predisposition of risk factors, in the communities. Early detection of warning signs of illness like fever, headache, frequent watery stool or constipation can be taken care of at the early stage to prevent chronic illness or diseases which can lead to increase cost of health care services. There will also be reduction in maternal mortality rate among the woman of child bearing

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