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One of the roles of packaging design is to protect a product from certain risks. For example meat packaging needs to be sealed to keep its freshness and prevent leaks. Packages in addition protect a product from damage or contamination by micro-organisms, air, moisture and toxins The product must be protected from certain factors like being dropped, crushed or from the vibrations during transport and atmospheric, magnetic, electrostatic, vibration or shock damage. Certain delicate products like fruits need to be protected by a rigid package such as a laminated container. The product must also be protected against the climate inflation that are high temperatures, humidity, light and gases in the air, fire, UV lights, weather conditions etc.…show more content…
The primary role is to give the strength, resistance and leak-proof properties of transport packaging. In addition, packaging must also reliably be able to withstand the many different static and dynamic forces to which it is subjected during transport, handling and storage operations. The goods frequently also require protection from climatic conditions, such as temperature, humidity, precipitation and solar radiation. The obvious protection provided by the packaging must prevent any environmental degradation by the products. This requirement is of high significance in the transport of hazardous materials, with protection of humans being of the main importance. Proper selection of protective packaging products depends primarily on the type of product being packaged and the environmental conditions from which the product must be protected. Types of products for protective packaging: Air pillows or bags are inflated air packets used to cushion and/or secure fragile products and materials. They may include special valves and inflators to ensure proper inflation. Bubble wrap sheets contain rows of inflated air bubbles used to cushion and cover fragile products and

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