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The importance of accommodating students’ perception. Struyven, Dochy and Janssens (2002) state that accommodating student’s perception is really useful in order to know student’s ideas, beliefs, images, opinions, feelings about something which is related to teaching and learning context. It shows that student’s perception is important because it contains about student’s beliefs and opinions which means that it can help to create a better quality in teaching and learning context. Besides, Kanwisher (2000) also adds that perception is someone’s feeling towards particular object. It means that knowing students’ perception is really meaningful in order to know what things that they love or what things need to be improved.
Learning Strategies
In learning vocabulary, the students need to consider what learning strategies that they should use.
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Determination strategies make the students to determine the meaning by using dictionaries. It means that if the students do not comprehend some words and then they open the dictionary to look up for the meaning of each word. Besides, determination strategy also refers to guessing the meaning from the context and identifying the parts of speech and constituent elements. It shows that if the students do not understand a particular word in the text, the students can identify the meaning by seeing on the next words or sentences and then the students can guess the meaning.
Social strategies. Social strategies can be used to determine the word or the definitions by asking teachers, classmates or friends and native speakers. According to Schmitt (2000), social strategy is one of the best strategies that students can use if they do not understand the meaning of some word. It means that if the students do not comprehend some meanings of words, they can ask to the people around them. Last, Social strategies are dealing with individual’s relationships and those which deal with controlling one's emotional

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