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To begin, in this essay we are going to explain the function of phraseology and its importance to EFLs, abbreviation of speakers who learn English as a Second Language. Above all, we will also mention the difficulties the educational system faces when it comes to teach phraseology to future English learners. Phraseology is the study of the origins and use of formulaic language. These are combined sets of words that are composed of two or more words and have a fixed meaning that might not be transparent or compositional – that is, its internal elements do not contribute to the meaning of the entire phrase. These combinations are often fixed, but there are some types that are flexible. Furthermore, speakers sometimes modify formulaic language in a way they are still recognizable by others. Phraseology has classified its objects of study into different categories, although we must keep in mind that there is no definitive difference between one and the other. According to Sinclair’s idiom principle, this kind of linguistic expressions happen for the following reasons: “The principle of idiom is that a language user has available to him or her a large number of semi-preconstructed phrases that constitute single choices, even thought they might appear…show more content…
According to Sylviane Granger, this is due time restrictions on the teachers, who often do not have enough time on their educational schedules to teach a wide arrange of vocabulary and study it in depth, in addition of all the other aspects of English language a teacher must include in their program. She suggests that when teachers explain phraseology to their students, they should focus on phrasemes with obscure meaning, such as red herring. She also proposes the creation of corpora composed by ESL’s texts and speeches as a tool for analyzing the frequency and use of the different kinds of phrasemes and words used by

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