The Importance Of Privacy

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The importance of privacy in people’s life and the challenges in privacy in the modern world. Privacy no longer exists with the presence of the Internet. Even though it is fundamental human right stated under the Universal Decleration of Human rights and is defined as a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by people and the state of being free from public attention. I believe that the as technology becomes more advanced, the concept of “privacy” is blurred and erased. Privacy is a necessity in human lives because it ties in with many aspects of human dignity and freedom of expression. The importance of privacy is huge – it allows us to feel safe, to feel comfortable and to be in control. However as we continue to become a more technology dependent society - the line between private and public becomes increasingly hard to pinpoint. Information about everyone who uses the internet are all being shared at a fast rate and easier to access, making “privacy” nearly impossible. Firstly, one of the most important aspects of privacy, is it helps us feel at ease and…show more content…
Establishing appropriate boundaries means you are in control of who is allowed to see the information you share, social medias have a “blocking” option so a particular person have no way of seeing your activity online. But even this, is easy to trespass. Celebrities for example, are under extreme close proximity of the “media’s eye”, the paparazzi follows them everywhere even if they are spending close time with family making privacy virtually non-existent. Nude pictures were leaked of over 1,000 female celebrities on the Internet without their permission, opening them up to extreme criticism they never had control over and damaging their reputation. Even if it can be argued that celebrities chose that line of work, they should be allowed to separate work from their personal
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