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This is a natural plant health - CELTIC SEA SALT Celtic salt - natural plant health Even in the distant past believed that the salt is the most important foods for good health and boost immunity. Opinion was so widely accepted that the word health (lat. - Salus) was formed from the words sal, or salt. The ancient Romans highly valued the salt. It was used as a means of payment, whose value was equal to the value of gold. The old saying "salt is the source of life" is true because the human body it is urgently needed. It contains the same natural minerals that are found in all human body fluids. Salt is the main source of ions play a crucial role in the physiological processes of the regulation of blood pressure to the work of the nervous system. Electrical impulses…show more content…
Instead of useful minerals, refined salt contains many harmful chemicals and additives. There is also another key reason why it is so important natural salt. The reason lies in the fact that our organism indispensable trace elements so that it could function properly. Trace elements, in the form in which they can take advantage of our body, can not find any in the refined food or in food supplements, but in natural salt and whole foods. When choosing salt daily diet, keep in mind that it is important that it be unrefined, natural and normal amounts in your body only by a well-being. One of these salts is an edible salt of the Celtic known as sea salt Keltska. The geographical position of the coast of France where it comes from Celtic salt, as well as local favorable climatic conditions play an important role in creating a unique blend of sea minerals that this salt give high purity and quality. Keltska salt contains more than 80 minerals in their natural form Celtic salt comes from clean, unpolluted sea located in protected areas of the coast of

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