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3. Theoretical Framework
3.1 Importance of Sleep
Sleep is something that almost all living things do all the time, and humans spend about one third of their lives sleeping. But the question is, do we know why we all do it? Well first off all, sleep is one of the strongest biological needs that organisms have. “A 10- year- old sleeps, on average, nine or 10 hours a night, but sleep time can vary a lot between four and 12 hours.” (Farndon, James, Johnson, Royston, Steele & Walters. 2003. p. 226). According to SciShow (2013) there are a few theories about why we sleep. One is that we sleep so we can rest and recover the energy that was spent during the day. Another theory is that we sleep to conserve more energy to maximize survival. According to some studies done, humans use ten percent less energy when they sleep. But the strongest theory is that we sleep because it provides restoration for our bodies. It gives us a chance to repair damaged cells, muscles, and many other things. Our brains also need sleep to keep doing the processes that keeps you alive every day. This is also said in the book “Biggest ever book of Questions & Answers” by Farndon, James, Johnson, Royston, Steele & Walters, “You need to sleep to rest your muscles and to allow your body time to repair and replace damaged cells.”
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This means that your body connects to the part of the brain associated with panic and danger instead and by doing that, it shuts down the prefrontal cortex which controls logical reasoning. By shutting down the prefrontal cortex, the brain instead connects to the locus ceoruleus or also known as “the blue spot”. The blue spot’s job is to make you react to stress and panic, so it means that people are more panicky and scared of everything.. If people keep going without sleep for more than a day, then the consequences are even greater, like memory loss and speech

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