Essay On Importance Of Sleeping

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Raquel Sofer
Professor Mirchandani
ENGL 101
August 21, 2014
The Importance Of Sleeping In Our Lives
We may ask ourselves: Why do we need to waste so much time of our precious life sleeping? Some experts believe that an average person sleeps approximately 25 years of his life. Sleep is essential for all human beings to function properly. In order for our bodies to work efficiently, we need to go through different stages during our sleep in order to complete the cycles needed to cleanse of toxins our body. Sleep helps our body cells regenerate themselves, maintain a healthy immune system, also, it plays an important role on conserving memory, restores the skin, and there is a lot of research that sustain that a good sleep prevents bad cells from developing. This paper will explain the duration and functions of sleep, its stages, and how it helps our body stay healthy.
We need to sleep the right amount of hours based on age and physiology. Babies need 12-18 hours of sleep a day. Children from 3 years and older, need 10-13 hours. Teens require 8.5-10 hours of sleep. And adults
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We do not hear campaigns directed to sleep the right amount of hours. People are not conscious in how not sleeping the necessary hours, can endanger life. Sleeping the correct amount of hours and getting a quality time sleep can improve our health in many aspects, in the regeneration of cells of our body, in fortifying the immune system, in keeping us more mentally sharp, increasing our memory, being more productive, looking younger with a healthier skin, decreasing the chances of getting cancer. Therefore, it would be appropriate to evaluate how much importance we pay to our sleeping habits, is not choosing between productivity and health, to the contrary if you sleep well you would be more

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