Essay On Importance Of Social Science

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Title: Why social science research is necessary? Nowadays, social science study plays an important role in the development of a country that has knowledgeable society and healthy society. Social science refers to any scientific study about human interaction and action that focus on the behavior and thought which it is known as social. Research in social science is widely where it will bring benefits to the society. Research in social science provides several of information that influences the society in a country. Besides, research in social science will help in understands the problems and how the problem occurs in the society. Instead of advance in technology, research in social science will solve many major problems in the world especially in social problems. According to Ruttan (1982 & 1984), he claimed that research in social science is very important because it encourage the changes in…show more content…
This is because some of the researches in social science identify the lifestyle of the society. By doing research, it will identify unhealthy lifestyle in the community and research also can help in provides solutions for the unhealthy lifestyle which identify the living conditions needed for a healthy life. In addition, it also can develop knowledge to improve the care of individuals and families of the terminally ill. The research also will promote health in communities and individuals and make them aware to the importance of healthy lifestyles. Besides, social science research also can identify the public issue in health field such as gambling behavior which it is a mental health problem in an individual. The research in social science will identify the dietary needs and nutritious foods as well as enhance the physical and mental health in the community. In addition, by doing research also can help in study the drug abuse in older women and HIV education for teacher’s
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