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As English becomes Lingua-Franca, it becomes necessary for almost all kinds of people from all the fields, if not necessary, doubtlessly it can be said that learning English can prove beneficial to them. English opened the windows for Business, Medical, Education, Knowledge, Society, Research and what not. If international relationship is taken into consideration, to be able to speak in English cannot be ignored. Here the term speak suggests, communication, being able to carry out a conversation in English. If a student wants to refer internationally popular material it is available only in English. If a businessman wants to represent his product and want to increase his business, English is the only way. This reality makes educationalist and parents to think about mastering the ability to speak in English. Considering the current scenario, nowadays, the focus was laid on teaching English rather than teaching about English. In other words the functional approach is emphasized rather than structural. Teaching grammar and structures were given importance however it was not effective…show more content…
Richards and Rodgers (2001) states that reading and writing are the essential skills to be focused on however, little or no attention is paid to the skill of speaking and listening. The importance of speaking is more revealed with the integration of the other language skills. For instance, speaking can help students to develop their vocabulary and grammar and then improving their writing skill. With speaking, learners can express their personal feeling, opinions or ideas; tell stories; inform or explain; request; converse and discuss, i.e. through speaking, we can display the different functions of language. Speaking is very important outside the classroom as

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