Essay Advantages Of Studying Abroad

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A person should get newer experiences in the short span of life he has been given. It is important for people to understand that he needs to visit different places to get exposure. This helps in increasing the exposure and it also broaden the horizon of the individual. With technology everything is easier than ever, today world is a global village. You can get information of every country and every city from all over the world in no time, it is very easy to get the information about the life style people follow in different part of the world, but what greater way than to experience it yourself. It is great opportunity for everyone to study abroad, not only it helps in knowing about the culture but also it helps in improving the education system.…show more content…
Being alone in a foreign country the student explore their abilities and become responsible. When an individual live alone he has no one to blame his failures on, this teaches student to be more patient and organized. Studying abroad is transitional stage for a person from dependence on family to self-reliance. He will be better in socializing and the best thing is he will value relations and family more. He will be able to appreciate the important of family life in a better way. For example; the student shall be responsible for financial affairs, which is a perfect training for budget making in later life. This gives the student how to adjust expenses and know what they need or want (Berdan,…show more content…
People do not appreciate the hassle of living in a completely stranger country where you are alien to the cultural values, language and social set up. They think that study abroad has no advantages for the student. Study abroad makes the student depressed and lonely. Many students are exposed to homesick. This is effecting negatively on the study. However, the people should not get disappointed. It is true that they feel homesick and need a company of their family. They can overcome this feeling by befriending other people around them. They should not feel bad about being alone abroad when they go out for study purpose. Instead, they should take this as a part of their unique learning process (Feng & Byram,
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