Essay On Importance Of Teacher

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In the domain of education our thoughts always concentrates on teacher’s role in teaching classes. Educational knowledge is transferred through a teacher to the learners. A teacher works like a channel that makes the access of information possible from the book to the students. A teacher teaches through different ways. It might be teaching in front of the students in the class or might be teaching through phone call or a net source. Teacheing happens in two situation either the teacher may present in the class or compose and make vidoes which can be read and watched later. In short, a teacher is a source by which learners are connected with knowledge. So, a teacher has got a vital position in the learning process. A teacher’s job is to present…show more content…
Science books, art subjects, Pakistan studies are taught in the English language. It is also a medium of teaching in higher classes. English language importance as a medium of education and teaching rises because of its compatibility with modern education. Thirdly, in trade at gross level English language is used for communication. So, in this way the English languge has adopted its name as a business and trade language. As an official language, trade language and a medium of teaching; English learning has attracted attention of people. It is taken as a necessary language for the successful future. So for its importance for learning has increased, we need to learn it. Its learning can be made possible and easy if we resolve all the problems that comes in the process of learning. Different factors influence the second language learning. Among these factors teacher’s style is one of them that has a great impact on its learning. A language learning becomes more fruitful if a language teacher teach it in a way that change the learners attitude towards language learning, keep them interested, inspire them for language learning and make the learning
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