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Abstract: Technical education is instrumental in making remarkable contribution to nation development through creating skilled manpower, enhancing productivity, and improving quality of life. The main objective of technical education is to prepare individual for employment and business through skill and knowledge acquisition. In present scenario of science and technology, production of skilled and knowledgeable manpower according to the needs of society and industry is the need of hour. The rapid industrialisation of any country is due to acquisition of technical education. It gives systematic way of practical exposure to individual for producing goods and services which is necessary for development of any nation. This paper examined the benefits of technical educations, and its role in harnessing resources in national development. Introduction :The development of a any country is depends on effective utilisation of human and physical resources which in turn, is depends on training of the manpower and skill development. The India has second largest population in the…show more content…
Technologies makes our daily life so easy that without it we feel discomfort. In India many people get higher education but they are still not getting job any where because of lack of employable skills. The technical education trained a person in a particular field so that he can start his/her own business and makes him/her self reliant. The technical education helps to reduce unemployment through skill manpower and hence, helps in economic development of nation. The progress and economic development of any country is depends up on the industrialisation. The technical education produces a persons which has necessary skills to run and establish the industries. The countries can save lots of its foreign exchange if she has expertise in technical

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