Essay On Importance Of Technology In Hotel Industry

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Importance of technology The technologies in these days are important. Most of the things that we do involves the technologies. In the hotel industry the technology is evolving day by day so that the technology could be used more often by the people. Technologies have become important in our life. In the hotel industry the technologies is important because it make the business more easy and efficient. The technology provides the information for the guest about the hotels. It helps the guest to make the decision and provide booking service via the internet. It has become one of the alternatives for the guest to do the booking process other that make the phone call to the hotel and do the booking. When the guest already make the payment through the internet the check in process will be a lot more easier for the hotel and the guest because the payment already made and the personal information already fill during the online booking process.…show more content…
The effectiveness on the hotel depends on how large is the hotel operation. The technology will help the hotel to improve the guest quality service. For examples the use of finger prints as a medium to check-in, enter the guestroom, pay the bill in the hotel outlets and during checkout. This will make thing easier for the guest because they are free from the carrying room keys, forms of payment and personal identification details while staying in the hotel. This technology also benefits the hotel because the hotel does not need to buy room keys or key cards which often expensive to buy. The hotel also can gather the information about the guest information such as food and beverage preferences, retail purchase, times spent in the room and using hotel facilities. This kind of technology was linked to the property management system and the hotel can use the information about the guest during their stay in the

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