Improper Segregation Of Waste

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Improper segregation of waste is a social cancer that needs a social cure. There are a lot of researches, which suggest the negative effects of improper waste management not only to the environment but also to the human health. Although waste is a natural residue present in a biological world, the mere fact that the way waste is being dealt is causing a lot of pollution, which imposes harm towards the physical world. Now, the big problem is this, how do students in DCHS (Davao Christian High School) get involved in this issue? The fact that the problem is a pressing issue produces a disturbing demeanor towards the society. Why? It is because first of all, the youth makes up a large portion of the community. If the practice of improper segregation…show more content…
Moreover, a lot of authors we have encountered in our research make a strong point that ISW is indeed a cancer in the community, or worse, in the world that has been growing unceasingly and erratically which has been destroying the normal behavior of the environment and striking down the health of the people. Many researchers have been gathering a lot of information about the improper segregation of waste. Concepts of waste and waste management. In America, 220 million tons of garbage are being produced every year. This amount exceeds the amount of trash that other nations produce. Hence, the U.S. government along with other organizations, which focuses on the environment, is trying to find ways to solve this problem. After all these research, waste management would be the best way to solve this problem. Waste management is defined as the proper disposal of wastes both solid and liquid, and also how it is being collected and…show more content…
According to Grolier International Encyclopedia [M] (1997), a chemical component of natural gas called methane is abundant in the environment. Moreover, although not poisonous to human lives, it is combustible. Meaning, it is capable of burning. In general, methane itself serves a lot of purpose especially in industrial business. The manufacturing of organic chemicals such as acetylene, ammonia, formaldehyde, and methyl alcohol requires the presence of methane. In spite of the good contribution that methane has for the ever-growing economy of the world, its harm for the environment is unparalleled. In fact, since methane is a gas and is its presence is felt by the environment, the said chemical gas has been found out to contribute to the increasingly effect of greenhouse gas which makes up entirely the global warming of the

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