Essay On Abusive Anger

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Impulsive anger is a default based behavior. It can take various forms and can harm many people. Also, many teens struggle with this behavior, about one in twelve American teens have impulsive anger issues. Impulsive anger can affect many different people in various ways. This behavior can damage a lot of people, of course, the person who is displaying the behavior, but also all the people around them. Impulsive anger can have various forms. These forms can be physical, emotional or both. One type is behavioral anger, this is when you may feel so overwhelmed by your emotions that you lash out at the object of your rage. This might involve physically attacking someone, or breaking or throwing things. Another type is retaliatory anger, this is when you are motivated by revenge for a perceived wrong. It is aimed to intimidate others. Also, self-abusive anger is also another common impulsive anger, it is a shame-based anger where you have impulses to harm yourself.…show more content…
In fact, everyone and everything get angry. However, it affects everyone in different ways. Not only does it affect the person getting angry, but it also affects the people around them. The many types of anger also affect people in certain ways. If you express your anger in an assertive way, you use feelings of frustration or rage for positive change, so you might have a more positive effect on people. If you have behavioral anger you might affect people in a more negative way, unless you can learn how to control it. This can affect you and others around you, especially when you lash out at people. You might end up hurting yourself or others around you in mental and physical ways. This anger may be made worse due to use of alcohol or drugs. If you have Chronic anger it will affect yourself more than it will affect others because you have more anger towards yourself. You can end up hurting yourself which can indirectly hurt other people as
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