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whose parents are incarcerated may start performing poorly when it comes to academics. It becomes hard for the students to concentrate fully on their studies since they are distracted by the personal and family issues as a result of incarceration of their parents. According to studies, children’s academic performance may be greatly affected by family and personal problems. Therefore, incarceration of the parents will also affect the children directly since they will be distracted from their studies and important school activities.

Based on the different research sources that have been reviewed in this research, it is clear that incarceration of parents affects children directly. Incarcerating parents leaves the children without
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If children are accorded sufficient physical and emotional support during their parents’ detention, they may overcome the resultant trauma and lead relatively normal lives. It is important to note that a significant portion (27%) of parental incarcerations occur in already-disenfranchised households (Parke & Clarke-Stewart, 2003). Effective foster care is therefore crucial to minimizing the adverse effects of parental imprisonment. Studies indicate that foster parents have the ability to form intimate bonds with adopted children. These relationships solve some of the developmental issues associated with parental incarceration. The foster parent, however, cannot be a substitute for biological parents. The need to bond with incarnated parents often persists. With prisons limiting the amount of time that children can spend with their parents, it is difficult to meet this developmental need. Thus, even though foster care programs have been designed to address the emotional and physical requirements of children, they fail to address the challenges faced by growing children. This results in higher rates of delinquency among adopted children. For example, children form foster families are 38% likelier to engage in violent behavior than those from

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