Definition Essay: What Is The Purpose Of Education

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What is education?
The term 'education' is derived from the Latin work 'educare' which literally means to 'bring up' and is connected with the word 'educere' which means to "bring forth'. The idea of education is not merely to impart knowledge to the pupil in some subjects but to develop in him those habits and attitudes with which he may successfully 'face the future.’
According to the Aristotelian conception, the aim of education is "to develop man's faculties, especially, his mind, so that he may be able to enjoy the contemplation of the supreme truth, goodness and beauty in which perfect happiness, essentially consists.
As Peter Worsety says, "A large part of our social and technical skills are acquired through deliberate instruction which
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Is a social process
2. As an agent cultural transmission
3. As an attempt to acquire knowledge
What is the purpose of education?
The purpose of education is that all children irrespective of their background, strengths and weakness gain access to knowledge, skills, and information that will make them ready to contribute to the society in a positive way. Meaning all children have a right to go to school.

What is inclusion?
Inclusion is an educational approach and philosophy that provides all students greater opportunities for academic and social achievement. Inclusion is about making sure that each and every child feels welcome and that their unique needs and learning styles are taken care. Inclusion is an effort to make sure that diverse learners – those with disabilities, different languages and cultures, different homes and family lives, different interests and ways of learning – are exposed to teaching strategies that reach them as individual learners. It becomes very important that the school and teachers provide appropriate and individualized support to all students without any bias to enhance learning of all the students.

Studies have shown that imparting education becomes challenging as schools accommodate students with diverse backgrounds and
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