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An inclusive and tolerant society refers to a community of people living together in a particular country without excluding anyone out and being open-minded about opinions that one does not necessarily agree with. Do you really think it is possible to have an inclusive and tolerant society based on the world we are living in today? That’s a question to ponder about. Nowadays, it is common to read news articles about fights between two different parties. It is not a rare sight and it is saddening to see people fighting due to the differences they have between themselves. People who are not willing to accept one another into the community and excluding people out of the society is what that is happening around the world. With all the presence of events that is happening around the world, I strongly believe that it is not possible to have an inclusive and tolerant society to a certain extent.…show more content…
Firstly, there are nations which are taking harsh and violent measures against those who are different. One of the examples is Rohingya refugee crisis that took place in 2015. The Rohingya is a Muslim minority group who are being treated harshly by the Myanmar government and are not given a national identity. They do not have a sense of belonging although they are part of the society due to the treatment from the people around them. This group of people are being discriminated and humiliated in their country causing them to be forced to leave their society. They are not being treated equally as others. This shows that the society treat different groups of people differently causing problems to arise. It also shows that the society does not have inclusiveness. There is no way that we can have an inclusive society with people having to be excluded from the society due to their

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