Various Forms Of Income Inequality

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What are the various forms of income inequality and how does it differ between major continents such as the US and Europe? And what are some of the organizations working to eradicate income inequality? It has been told to many young girls ,that when they grow up, they will need to fight for what they want. Growing up,all children have been asked what they want to be when they grow up and the answers span from a princesses and astronauts to doctor, lawyer, police officer and so on. Almost all children will also answer this question with saying that they want to be rich. However, for a young girl she does not know that when she grows up that she will have to work longer and harder to have as much money as her fellow male co-workers. Sadly…show more content…
Much has changed since this was passed, however, it has not caused the pay gab to be completely eliminated as President Kennedy had hoped. In 2009 the 111th Congress introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act to expand on the Equal Pay act, which never reached its full potential. Sadly, the Paycheck Fairness act failed 3 times. However it has been brought back in 2014 and has still not failed. “The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) is a consortium of state and local agencies, corporations, and national organizations. Through its four lines of business—professional development, technical assistance, research and evaluation, and advocacy—NAPE strives to achieve its mission of building educators’ capacity to implement effective solutions for increasing student access, educational equity, and workforce diversity.” (NAPE). NAPE has a vision that “Every person is able to fulfill his or her potential through equal access to and equity in educational options that lead to the entire spectrum of career choices.” (NAPE). NAPE has been working to fix gender inequality and they believe that “Congress must create a climate where wage discrimination is not tolerated, and give the administration the enforcement tools it needs to make real progress on pay equity.”…show more content…
Around the world the pay gap has not budged in any direction but up. The pay gap is constantly becoming a bigger problem for women across the world. In the USA more data has been collected and informs the world about problem of pay discrimination. In the USA studies show that companies go further into looking at your race as well as your gender when deciding you pay. However women around the world are lucky to have organizations like AAUW and OECD that are looking to find ways to solve the many discriminative problems women face everyday, including the pay

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