Essay On Increase In Minimum Wage

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In the past three years, many politicians and labor unions have been pushing for an increase in minimum wage. Minimum wage is the lowest set wage by a law of a government body. An increase in minimum will benefit some people, and hurt others. An increase in minimum wage will cause benefit in the short run but will be very damaging to the economy in the long run. There should not be an increase in minimum wage because it is unhealthy to the economy in the long run and it will be the major cause of job loss, increase in inflation, competition, and the price level of goods and services. Many argue that an increase in minimum wage will help guide low skilled workers out of poverty and assist them into having a better career. That is not necessarily true, Many economists can agree that minimum wage jobs such as cashiers, host or a hostess are not jobs that meant to support a family. If anything by raising the minimum wage, it will put more people in poverty than guide them out of poverty. A raise in minimum wage will cause loss of jobs, an increase in the inflation rate, increase in…show more content…
However, in the long run, many employers will not be able to maintain to stay in business due to the significantly high wages. An increase in minimum wage would cause millions to lose their jobs and put them further in poverty. It would even make it harder for them to obtain jobs after the increase due to the increase of competition in the job market, and most importantly an increase in minimum wage would cause increase in the price level and it will reduce significantly consumption due to the lack of purchasing power that is cause by the higher inflation rate. The minimum wage should not increase because it is unsustainable economically. Another approach of help guide people out of poverty can be a push for an increase in education and knowledge capital instead of continuously increasing the minimum
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