Essay On Indian Architecture

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Socio-cultural factors like religious beliefs, hierarchy of classes in a community, available technology etc. influence architecture and its forms. In every society there are certain norms and ideologies that are accepted by the majority, thus leading to variations in architectural design which are a result of different socio-cultural beliefs that are widely accepted. The experience of an architect leads to shaping of a building and hence a building is not merely a structure but a reflection of the philosophy of the architect, the time period it is in and the culture of the place. The paper aims to analyse how architecture of various places are influenced by the culture, religion and beliefs of the society. PAPER INTRODUCTION A…show more content…
IMPACT OF INDIAN CULTURE ON ITS ARCHITECTURE: "One of the most enduring achievements of the indian civillization is its architecture. Indian architecture has evolved through centuries and has been tranformed by the forces of social, geographical and historical factors considered unique to India." (cultural india) The rich Indian architecture thus is influenced by the ethnicity, tradition, livelihood and deep rooted traditions of the Indian culture. (shubhankar and amol, 2013) Typical layout of an indian house largely consists of a public space for gatherings, bedrooms and a ' Rasoi ghar' which serves as the dining area for the family. The layout of the house is affected by the Indian belief system of keeping the kitchen pure at all times. Hence traditionally all indian households have their kitchens set away from the general circulation. The temples of India bear an imprssion of their relegious and spiritual beliefs. the shilpa shastras (Hindu texts that define rules, principles and standards for architecture) also govern the
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