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Lights, camera & Action !
Whenever we heard those three words, we automatically thought of scowling men wielding microphones. If you go by the success of films like Dhobi Ghat and Peepli Live , the main stream movie business is no longer alien territory for women Directors. Perhaps it’s their sensitivity to the ways of society or merely just a woman’s perspective , but women directors bring to the table a different sensibility . women directors, with or without support of their Bollywood connections , are proving their versatility and creativity in the industry with unique and fresh storytelling.
In Indian Film industry has been the emergency of some critically and commercially appericiated female directors in the last some years but the film
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Women directors are talking over the industry by storm giving us some of the most memorable films in the past decade. Be it masala blockbuster maker Farah khan or Gauri Shinde who made the beautiful ‘English Vinglish’ that touched our hearts—the films made by each one of them have been entertainers. The Hindi film industry has seen a lot of female filmmakers who have challenged the otherwise male dominated B-town.
We’re not choosing to celebrate these women just because they’re women in the business – we are celebrating them because they are each uniquely talented, determined, creative people, who are collectively forging a path in this industry for more talented and creative women to follow . They are challenging the rules of the bollywood boy’s club, and making some excellent cinema too. In an industry where stars some first and directors come much later , its great to see these women boldly standing out and making their mark .
In the Big bad world of Bollywood , there have been few directors of the fairer sex who have managed to swim against the tide, follow their dreams and mark for themselves in this majorly male dominated industry. While names like Deepa Mehta, Mira Nair, and Gurinder Chaddha have carved a niche for themselves in the vest, there are many of our own female folk who have given us some Entertaining and some meaninglful

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