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India is one of the first established civilizations in the world. Dating back from over 75,000 years ago, it started to create its own history from the first human beings on earth. Based in the Indus Valley(Harappan) Region, the first inhabitants developed essential skills they would later use for trade like handicrafts, metallurgy, and building. They also made agriculture their way of life because of the prosperous Indus River located in the heart of India. Historical timeline for this incredible civilization started early, they were able to establish themselves well before their first encounter with the Aryans(1500 B.C.). Continuing with the Persians and Greeks1 headed by Cyrus and Darius I and Alexander The Great, Bactrians, Parthians, Shakas and Kushans2, and the Roman empire headed by Augustus Caesar3. The invasion of the White Huns began in the turn of the century(450 C.E.), Islamic Mughal(Mongol) Empires, and other foreign power(among them the Portuguese, the French, the Dutch…show more content…
Aryans are nomadic people with a horse culture that came from the Northern part or Central Asia that travelled through the Khyber pass during 1500B.C. which possibly settled in the northern part of India and created the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, and the Vaisyas5 according to the Vedic documents. They spent almost 1000 years in India thus founded Hinduism and other cultural traditions and religions like Jainism and Buddhism. With the fast development of India, the neighbouring areas were attracted specifically Cyrus that leads the Persian Empire. This marks the second part of invasion in the Indian subcontinent. In 10 years, Northern India was under Cyrus' son Darius I rule which is subject to the Persian rules. The Persian only ruled the region for only 150 years after being overthrown by the Greeks headed by Alexander the Great who defeated

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