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I remember an incident of a marriage when Two Friends both in their mid 40s were talking. One of them was lamenting over the changes in Indian culture brought about by westernization. He showed his friend the youngsters in western outfits instead of Sarees, sherwanis. “ Indian culture is myth”, he said. Suddenly bride’s French friend appeared in a Saree and said “Namaste”. Pointing over that girl, the other guy said “Indian Culture is not a myth, It has become a Global Reality”. (INTRO) Though westernization has brought changes to some of the facets of Indian culture, yet its unique Identity is not only preserved and enriched but also has spread across seven oceans. (STAND) In the following paragraphs we would discuss the changes that westernization…show more content…
Westernization in India has resulted into perception of English overshadowing Hindi. Moreover it has made late night parties, funky getups, nuclear families and reduced social interaction as common aspect of lifestyle. But can these little changes make entire culture a myth? Indian culture has much more facets attached to society. Even today Indians touch the feet of elders with humility before leaving for school or office. And though joint families may not exist structurally , yet functionally they are as much vibrant as evident during sad or joyous moments. Moreover, Indian Festivals like dusshera and diwali have now gone global with international bands conducting the show. Doesn’t recent PM’s UN speech in hindi signify our possessiveness towards our culture? Thus by the broader perspective Indian societal culture has flourished not only in India but around the world. Not only the societal aspect but also the economic facet of culture has been impacted by globalization. The biggest change being, the precious “saving habits” of Indian have now given way to consumerism . Even the cinemas, termed as mirror of the society, reflect changes. Further, imported and machine-made products are now preferred over the traditional handicrafts,

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