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Abstract: In today’s world of cutthroat competition, people struggle their entire lives to earn a decent living. The common perception is that people need numerous degrees from prestigious educational institutions in order to make something of themselves. Students spend their school life pulling all-nighters while cramming for exams, memorizing facts and figures that are soon forgotten the next day and most of which will never be useful to them again. The fact of the matter is that any person with the right ideas and the ability to execute them can be successful. You don’t have to be a class topper from Harvard or Yale to become a success. A number of great innovators, businessmen, scientists, artists, etc. have dropped out of high school or…show more content…
As a result, even so-called “educated” people find themselves without jobs in spite of the degrees they have obtained. Marks are everything to students because that is the way they have been brought up. Their educational years are spent in a rat race struggling to score the highest grades in the class, so much so that there are even students who select a subject they don’t enjoy over one they do simply because the former is “more scoring” than the latter. Lack of interest in a subject builds up frustration in a student who will find it difficult to pay attention in the class and hence, to comprehend what is being taught. In such a case, even if the teacher of said subject is oriented more towards practical knowledge, that student will struggle to grasp the skills being taught and therefore will fall back on mugging up information and simply reproducing it in the examination. Rote learning defeats the purpose of education and is the main reason behind the unemployment of college graduates. Some disturbing facts: • India produces the third largest number of graduates in the world every year. Even so, 47% of graduates are not employable in any industry role for want of proficiency in English and cognitive skills. • As of 2012, approximately 8.5% of India’s labour force was

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