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Indian English literature is at its peak and becomes independent and outstanding. It is well established on international horizon. It attracted many critics. In the early days, many of Indian writers tried their hands in poetry and fiction. The practice of poetry and fiction bear good fruits. Drama was not a regular practice. It is only in the last few decades Indian English Drama started blossoming.
Drama is one of the important branch of literature. It is meant to be performed on the stage. It contains a message that should be delivered properly through the stage performance. It represents the human life before the audience. The success of dramatic performance depends on the response of audience. The drama, being dynamic in nature, is considered as the ‘fifth Veda’ and its ultimate purpose is to define the meaning of life.
In the ancient times, the dramatic performances were taken place only in temples. As we know, religion strongly affects human being. Religion, for the common man, offers purpose of living. It nurtures morality and spiritual consciousness in human being. Hence the theme was derived from the scriptures. There is always a war between virtue and vices. The language used was the classical language, Sanskrit. The sage named Bharat Muni is
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Krishnan Mohan is considered as the first Indian English playwrite. C.S, Nazir followed the footsteps of Krishnan Mohan and contributed Indian English Drama. After that Rabindranath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo contributed hugely for the development of Indian English drama. Their writings are mainly on the philosophical plane. The contribution of T.P. Kailasam, playwright and actor, cannot be ignored. His plays are inspired by puranic themes. His characters are from the great epics of India – the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. V.V. Srinivasa Aiyanger and Vasudeo Rao had also picked up their share and wrote dramas with idealistic and reformist

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