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The term literature is derived from the Latin word literatura /Litteratura which refers to the written account of the text and also the spoken or sung form (i.e.,) Oral Literature. “Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life” -Fernando Pessoa Literature plays the part of a language or a cultural study of a particular people, tradition and customs etc. Literature give us broad thinking. It is a form of art. Literature gives us new world of experience. We still use the artistic quality, to the work, though we use to discuss and analyze literature in a critical paradigm. Literature spilt up into pomes, prose, stories, fiction, plays. Throughout the world we incorporate many kinds of literature. For Example: Indian…show more content…
Now that seed has bloomed into an ever green tree, fragrant flowers and matured fruits. The fruits are tasted not only by the native people, but also by the foreigners. English Language addressed in India when the advent of East India company. It started in 1608 when Emperor Jahangir,in the courts of Mughals,welcomed captain William Hawkins ,Commander of British Naval Expedition Hector. English Language started to get influence in the southern part due to the spread of East Indian Company. Indian English literature is a study of work written by Indian authors whose native or co-native language is one of the numerous language in…show more content…
Beside this English language is also useful for the communication purpose among the people throughout the world. The beginning of English literature in India is traced to the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century ,by which time English education was more or less firmly established in the three major centers of British power in India-Calcutta, Madras and Bombay. In late 17th century only printing press was used in India but only for the publication of printing Bible or Government Decrees. Then came newspaper which was the first English Newspaper in India, published in 1779 named as Hickey’s Bengal

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