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Malaysian Indian Festivals Thaipusam The Hindu festival of Thaipusam is about faith, endurance and penance. The day when it’s celebrated in Malaysia it is very dynamic, colorful, happy yet devotional event which can go on for as long as 3 or 4 days, at the same time it also attracts many tourists around the world each year that come to see this festival. While doing research we found out that this festival attracts around one and a half million people each year. Thaipusam is the time of the year where Hindus of all castes and cultures come together to say thank you and to show their appreciation to one of their Gods, Lord Murugan, a son of Shiva. The festival of Thaipusam was first brought to Malaysia in the 1800s, when the Indian immigrants started to work on the Malaysian…show more content…
The entrances of Hindu homes will be decorated with the ‘kolam’, an intricate floral design on the ground which signifies religious believes. This religious connotation revolves around the Goddess of Wealth, the deity Lakshimi. Many people believe that the Goddess Lakshimi will only enter a home with a ‘kolam’ at the entrance. The Hindus will also prepare numerous types of traditional cakes and sweets for the day, among them are "murukku", "omopadi", "athirrsam", "achi murukku", "laddu" and "mysore pahu". These are made a few days before the Deepavali event. On the Deepavali morning, many Hindu devotees wake up before the sunrise for the ritual herbal oil bath. During this process they put on new clothes. Then they go to the temples where prayers will be held in accordance with the ceremonial rites. The rest of the day they spend time distributing cakes and sweets to their neighbors and friends and many people have "open house" for their non-Hindu friends, as is customary in Malaysia. Most devout Hindus tend to be vegetarian, but that doesn 't change the fact that Deepavali is the day to savour the many delicious Indian delicacies such as sweetmeats, rice puddings and the ever-popular

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