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In India, you can find antique jewelry in numerous forms, like meenakari, kundan work, and so on. Those pieces of antique jewelry that are extremely rare are usually sold at auctions, in antique stores and curio shops. They include the jewelry that belongs to the early period of history. It is this rarity of antique jewelry that makes it so appealing. However, at times, jewelry that is furnished in antique pattern is also given the name of antique jewelry. Still, those who really value the rarity and exclusivity of antique jewelry, go for the original pieces. Antique jewelry embodies the unadulterated jewelry tradition of the country, in the earlier times, concentrating on ethnic motifs and stones, metal and design. The antique jewelry of India is popular not only within its own territorial boundaries, but also finds favor amongst people belonging to UK, USA and other western countries. BEAD JEWELLERY…show more content…
It has great attraction among Indian women, with one of the reasons beings its availability in different colors that makes it possible to match it with the color of wedding dress. In fact, the versatility of wedding jewellery is special feature in Indian jewelry. Indian jewelry is very diverse, seen from the wedding jewelry sets and individual ornaments. Jewelry with pearl ornaments and trinkets, with exquisite polki, meenakari, etc, are options available for wedding jewelry. Bracelets, anklets, wedding necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, amulets, toe rings, finger rings, nose rings, hairpins, forehead tikka, girdles and other ornaments are often not very heavy or flamboyant. A lot of people prefer more delicate and light jewelry, in simpler designs and subdued hues. As marriages in India are considered as grand celebration, love for jewelry is obvious. Even jewelers in India are aware of the fact and true to their art, they make the best available jewelry for a

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