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Indian English Literature from the last two decades has gained immense recognition all over the world. The fictional writers from Raja Rao to Salmon Rushdie have focused on transformation of values, social patterns and transition in the society. Indian English Literature is also referred as Indo-Anglian literature. This term was coined by J.H. Cousins in 1883. Later Sreenivasa Iyengar has become the pioneer in his field. In his work The Indian Writing in English he has emphasized his own view of Indo-Anglian literature: What makes Indo-Anglican literature an Indian literature and not just a ramshackle outhouse of English literature is the quality of its ‘Indianness’ in the choice of its subjects, in the texture of thought and play of sentiment, in the texture of thought and play of sentiment, in the organization of material and in the creative use of language. (234)
The literary outputs of this period have projected their own native reality to restore the identity and roots that have been lost. Mostly, the writers have
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These things provide as a theme to Indian writers and try to bear modern sensibility as a challenging task. Later the sensibility itself has been transformed into outstanding literary output in the Indian languages. The great literary works have not come from the writers who directly exposed to western influence, but the writers who have felt the air of modernity from a long distance created modern literature in Indian languages. When the impact of western culture and literature flourished, the writers have given a new vitality to our literary and cultural heritage. People who seek inspiration, themes, narrative forms and expression for their experience from Shakespeare or Tolstoy or Dostoevesky are not necessary when they have the Mahabharat as a part of their
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