Essay On Indian Migration

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Migrating to distant lands in search of better prospects in life has been the characteristic of many communities and sections of people during various phases of human civilization. Several sects and individuals moved away from native lands owing to lack of lucrative employment opportunities, forced displacement, colonization, slave trade, hostile environmental and geographical factors, political and religious elements. The trans-Atlantic slave trade which resulted in the displacement of millions of Africans is considered the largest forced migration in world history. Many caste and community outfits emerged of late in India with the strengthening of identity politics have raised claims about their migration from overseas countries. Though the authenticity of such arguments have not often been established such claims of migration from distant lands are often made as part of the attempts to establish a glorious descent. Debates about migration of Arya-Dravida sects had reverberated in Indian historical studies for long-time. Such divergent thoughts that have existed in the arenas of historical and anthropological studies attain significance in literary studies also with the…show more content…
Migration existed from during the hunter gather era of wandering tribal groups when there were no permanent settlements. People moved across geographically distinct terrains when there were bare minimum transportation facilities. There was not even a sense of world, nations, states or boundaries when many groups of people crossed mountains, rivers and forests to settle down in many locales congenial to them climatically or politically. Many were compelled to leave native lands those days due to hostile environment and clashes among clans. Tamil Sangam literature says about people changing occupations and moving to other quarters which were divided on basis of groups of people engaged in specific
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