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Top 20 Most Delicious and Unheard Sweets of India India is a land of diversified culture and varied customs. It is a country of many different people, culture, customs , cusines and sweets. Yes, that’s correct, “Sweets” popularly known as Mithai in India. Indian sweets are a type of confectionery that rely heavily on sugar, milk, flour and condensed milk. Although the bases of these sweets vary among regions, one thing is probably universal throughout the length and breadth of this vast country, it is the love for these colourful sweets which every Indian shares equally. We all have heard about the famous Rasgullas or the Gulab Jamuns or the Soan Papdis. But, here are the 20 unheard mouth watering mithais which every Indian must try at least…show more content…
It is so delicious that you will love it from the first bite itself. 16. Paneer Laddu There are a very few sweet dishes that actually will make one drool over them and this is one such recipe. For all the sweet lovers out there this is a must try. 17. Bottle gourd halwa Normally, the bottle gourd, more commonly known as the louki is not associated with sweets. But this sweet dish is a complete surprise when you taste it. Try it once and this delicious yummy recipe will simply blow your mind. 18. Sapota Kesari This rare sweet dish is probably every health lover's dream. A recipe couldn't be more filling and delicious at the same time like this one. 19. Bread Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamuns are one of my favourites but this one sounds a bit different. Yes, as the name suggests , it is prepared from bread and offers an extremely easy to make alternative to the regular gulab jamuns. It tastes as good as the regular ones. 20. Ghari As you indulge in the fine taste of this mouthwatering sweet dish, you'll discover various flavours of richly layered mawa oozing out. This is so delicious that one cannot simply say a ‘No’ to

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