Essay On Indian World Culture

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WORLD CULTURE Bhavya Rajpal Bbasep17s023 1. UNDERSTANDING CULTURES: - - INDIAN CULTURE {PERSONALITY TRAITS} • Born Bargainers- it’s the trait that is inherited in Indians. Getting things cheaper than other people if there’s a chance of bargaining. • Superstitious- Indians believe more in saints than in their own capabilities. • Togetherness- India is the country with vast cultures, and each culture has different norms and festivals. Indians celebrate all festivals with equal love. • Comparison- Indians have the bad tendency to compare each and comparing marks of exams with other students in a bad way.…show more content…
• Highlight the Face- Chinese never want to lose their face, so they don’t admit their mistakes. Chinese people do care much about reputation and fame. They believe that face is more important than truth or justice. • Value Friendship- Chinese people give very importance to friendship, even more than rules and regulations. • Practical - Chinese people are known for being practical and frugal. • Shyness- Chinese usually appear shy and do not like to be stared at or put in a situation they don’t want to be. • Apologizing- Chinese find it humiliating and difficult to apologize to someone face to face. - SINGAPOREAN CULTURE {PERSONALITY TRAITS} • Short-cut kings- Singaporeans want to be fast and are efficient people who love shortcuts. {e.g.- Singlish is far more efficient than English} • Humorous- Singaporeans glorify things, make them bigger than they actually are. • Respectful- Singaporeans have many practices that show they are respectful, one of them is how they reserve seats/tables by just placing a pen or tissue. Try this in other countries and you will probably lose your
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