Essay On Individualism In School

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Why Individualism in school is critical to achieving a stronger future The school system consists of close to two decades of growth, nurturing and development of character that can't be lost through the ignorance of certain people. With this in mind, people among us have been given the opportunity to participate in this cycle, so this essay is to solidify your agreement that arching to create a society without choice, what makes us who we are, is a step backwards for us all. In the first place, anyone, including younger audiences, deserves a choice in careers, friends and how they look (also known as being an individual), As well as progressing in speaking up and also in competency. Taking these reasons in mind , What morals will the next generation have if we present to them everything without choice from the beginning of education? Continuing, what is Individualism? By definition, it is a social concept favoring freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control. This means as individuals we gain the power of freedom and self control over where our life takes us, not others Choices The youth of the 21st century thrives off making choices in terms of social life, work life and their…show more content…
Now in no way am I saying that allowing kids to completely disconnect themselves from all core subjects, as many may find this boring, but continuing with extra-curricular activities and present more choice. When children of age 9-16 participate in a subject they enjoy, the more they do it, obviously, the better and more skillful they become, this builds something known as competency, meaning capable of... Competency relates to self-esteem when being able to complete a given task. We must give students this opportunity for the betterment of our
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